Badminton Court Reservation


The Badminition Court Reservation System is a convenient system that allows members and non-members to reserve courts online. As badminton courts demand grow the online reservation system will allow users to request badminton court at their convenience. The online reservation system has a check in function to verify the customer who made reservation.



  • On-site registration for walk-in customers
  • Message center for communication among staff members and for customer feedback
  • Court reassignment
  • Administrative blockage of courts for special functions
  • Flexible setup
    - Operation hours
    - Number of courts
    - Coach schedules
    - Coach profiles
    - Cancellation time limit
  • Web based for 24/7 Internet access
  • User-friendly, easy-to-use interface
  • Book courts for self-organized activities
  • Book courts with coaches for personal training
  • Reward system: play more, earn more points
  • Cancel reservation before deadline to get credit
  • Statistical analysis (by day, week, or month)
    - Type of usage (with or without coaches)
    - Online reservation vs. on-site registration
    - Court utilization rate
    - Cancellation rate
    - Total revenue
    - Staff payment
  • Search and inquiry
    - Search reservation by confirmation number
    - Search reservation by customer name
    - Court allocation summary by day or week
    - View new and upcoming reservations