Custom Software Application


Custom software applications come in different forms. Sometimes they are complete systems, other times they are well-defined simple solutions. KSB approaches each opportunity with a proven methodology.

KSB has a team of motivated system and software design professionals. They are committed to utilizing their strong skill sets in a wide range of application design and development technologies and to working together to meet the growing challenges of IT and software development.

KSB Methodology

Scope and Objectives

Functional Specification

Detail Specification

Quality Programming

Careful Testing



Continuous Support

What programs did we create?

  • Accounting System for a meat & poultry industry - KSB Meat Accounting.
  • Badminton Court Reservation System.
  • Badminton Academy Management System.
  • Bakery Accounting System.
  • Cold Storage accounting, billing and inventory control system.
  • Electronic Medical Record System.
  • Health Care Business System.
  • Mastering Operation System.
  • Registration program for a language school.
  • Tours company accounting and billing system.
  • Accounting system for Nursing Registry (including scheduling and payroll management).
  • Accounting system for a silverware wholesale company (including return handling and sales commission management).
  • Accounting system for a battery manufacturing company (including bill of material function).
  • Auto parts Purchase, Receiving, ship out and Inventory Control system.
  • Bottling company operation and inventory control system.
  • Investment portfolio management (including web access interface for on-line inquiry).
  • KSB On-Line Toys Store.
  • On-line procurement system for a Department of Water and Power.