Complete IT Solutions to Our Clients

  • We work with our clients to develop their IT plans. We advise clients on how to use IT to improve their business operations. Our goal is for clients' IT investments to generate the biggest bang for their buck.
  • If a client is interested in developing any specific system, we work with clients on a TELOS (Technical, Economic, Legal, Operational, Schedule) study to ensure project feasibility.
  • We custom-develop systems for clients using state-of-the-art technologies. We implement the RAD (Rapid Application Development) methodology so that new systems are up and running in days, not months.
  • Once a system is in operation, we continue to provide service and maintenance to the system. We update each system regularly and upon request to address clients' changing business needs.
  • We implement industry-standard security and privacy policies and technologies to keep clients' information safe, and to provide the highest level of system availability to minimize interruption to clients' business. For example, we use mirrored servers and data storage devices so that clients can always have access to their information (as long as they have internet access).
  • We are especially committed to developing custom and ad hoc reports for clients so that they can have the necessary information to make business decisions.
  • For more advanced analytical needs, we have a team of data scientists to help clients do data mining and analysis. With Dr. Gordon Wong leading the healthcare data analysis team, we are specially prepared to help healthcare organizations and health plans perform clinical outcomes and quality analyses.